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Viktor/Victor Nikiforov x Yuuri/Yuri Katsuki/ Viktuuri / Vikturi / Victuuri / Victuri / Yuri on Ice / YOI

Yuri on Ice - YOI - Yuri Plisetsky - Yurio - Yuuri Katsuki - Viktor Nikiforov - Vitya

Yakov is just an exhausted dad trying to get his dramatic children under control... And failing miserably

It's kind of Bob from Bobs burgers, but everyone is gay and ice skates.

Puhahahaha!!! Taken out of context this is highfreakinlarious!! We still love you Yuri!! Love love love this anime!!! Yuri!!! On Ice

Taken out of context this is highfreakinlarious! We still love you Yuri! Love love love this anime! On Ice<<<< Even in the context it is fricking hilarious


This made me a bit teary eyed. I think, Viktuuri has beat all of the love stories, movies, series, animes☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️.