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Himmler’s Witches Library Discovered in the Czech Republic

The library of books about the occult accumulated by Heinrich Himmler, Nazi SS chief, was discovered this month in the Czech Republic. He reportedly believ

A soldier a the 94th Infantry Division searching two young anti-aircraft gunners who surrendered in Frankenthal, 23 March 1945

A teenager German gunner receives a pat down after surrendering to the US Army near Berlin, April Note the boy standing on the right who is wearing army boots but civilian clothing waiting his turn.so young

This Brazilian Hitler Youth group is from Presidente Bernardes, a state of São Paulo, Brazil. Circa 1930-1935.

Descending Brazilian children of Germans. Glorya: this is where many fleeing Nazi's went after Germany's defeat.

Japanese Kamikaze pilots. (黒ネコ)

WWII Japanese Kamikaze Pilots In Full Uniform Farewell B&W Group Photo in Collectibles, Militaria, WW II Original Period Items, Japan, Photographs

My favorite picture of all time! And to think, they didn't know each other even after the kiss

Alfred Eisenstaedts image of a sailor kissing a nurse in Times Square on V-J Day in (Photo: Alfred Eisenstaedt, Time-Life/Getty Images)

Vidkun Quisling (left), the man whose very name came to mean "traitorous collaborator," rides with SS head Heinrich Himmler, likely during Quisling's visit to see Adolf Hitler in December 1939. Quisling was a Norwegian military officer who helped form a Fascist political party in 1933, with himself as Fører (leader, comparable to Führer).

Start of World War II: September 1939-March 1940

Quisling and Himmler - Norwegian police apologise for deporting Jews - Telegraph

Reichsführer SS Heinrich Himmler speaks with Anton Mussert, the leader of the Dutch Nazis, during a visit of the former to the Netherlands. Dr. Seyss-Inquart, Reichskommissar in Holland, is the tall man obscured by Himmler. To the right is SS-Obergruppenführer Karl Demelhuber. Himmler had high "Aryan" hopes for the Dutch, whom he considered closely related to the Germans.

Reichsführer SS Heinrich Himmler speaks with Anton Mussert, the leader of the…

Third Reich Propoganda | A Brutal Pageantry: The Third Reich’s Myth-Making Machinery, in Color | LIFE.com

22 SHOCKING Color Photos From Nazi Germany -- Adolf Hitler speaking at the Lustgarten, Berlin, 1938

Mi verdadero honor es mi lealtad

April Heinrich Himmler and Erich Raeder (Grand Admiral of the Kriegsmarine) listening very closely to the Fuhrer’s speech. I like Heinrich’s pose here.