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Black, racist, ethnic, and nigger jokes. Is that a brown streak on his crack?

This is called a "Shart" Definition: You think it's just going to be a fart and it turns out to be a shit; Combining the two words together.

Actually, looks more like a R.I.N.O. speaking to me. Gee, we don't know any of those, do we??

And Michael Moore, Hillary, Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi Bush is still president, Mad Maxine Waters the looney tune Putin invaded Korea and just about every Hollywood elite asshat.


Skydiver outside plane window with a sign saying " I was your pilot "

Probably happened...

This image of Dennis Rodman visiting North Korea shows the stereotype that all black people look alike. The meme is a joke at the expense of Rodman, as the asians in the picture thought he was President Obama just because he was black.

O. M. G. Black people humor

From tv, movies, ads, or the internet. Diversify and embrace all our differences. Not for the easily offended. Funny memes and photos of racist humor. It's all harmless here, mostly

Jokes for Racist white Guys

Jokes for Racist white Guys

Black, racist, ethnic, and nigger jokes.

If so, what are "black behaviors" and what are "white behaviors?

You can't make this stuff up.

Unless you're going to war, don't EVER compare ANYTHING to going to war. Military Humor - Community - you stupid ass you have no idea what going to war is. You stupid hoodrat maybe you're talking about going to your hood.

15109382_1315962585163459_1390547211824458260_n.png (800×527)

15109382_1315962585163459_1390547211824458260_n.png (800×527)

Day 1 In Trump's America & he's not even in office yet. This is only going to get worse, I'm actually terrified right now.

Day 1 In Trump's America

sigh: just go get an entry level job or jobs and shut up and learn how to budget $$$ and do without items.....we all have and you should too----that is called growing up, you little babies! :-(

The lazy, worthless, give me free stuff leaches. If we lost that war you'd be in a place with socialism trying to get to the place known as The United States! Cure your libtard mindset and adopt common sense!