Proceso completo de calado "Redondillo Majorero" - YouTube

My way of making "spider's web"

I don't know who made this or even how it's done, but it was so beautiful I had to pin it for you to see!

This is how I remember my Grandmother Azniv Vahide Aslanian did her Armenian embroidery, known as Aiyntabi kordz (Ayntab/Aintab embroidery) the Armenian women were experts in Aintab before the uprooting (during first genocide of the century - 1915 era)

Tunísia técnica de processamento bordado. / Tunisia embroidery processing technique.

needle lace insert from North Africa, Arab countries, or Turkey. video how-to with narration in a language I don't know // BroderieTunusChebka işlemeTekniği.

Deshilado/ Maria L.Bertolino/

Deshilado/ Maria L.Bertolino/

modelo de pontos

✿✿Mila Artes Manuales✿✿ lot of chicken scratch patterns (suisse embroidery)

interpretazioni diverse dello stesso disegno

embroidery redwork with and without a bit of applique.

Bordado ponto xadrez

in punta d'ago: broderie suisse

Marina Custom

DEA Marina Sheeting and Ensemble

~ Drawn Thread Hem ~  I'm putting this here because it's using the same kind of fabric...kind of.  Neat finish...!

~ Drawn Thread Hem ~ Interesting hem for a mini item

Esquina Vainica Con Pespunte 1 - YouTube

Esquina Vainica Con Pespunte 1 - YouTube