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Hand Clapping Games, take a break with partners. Variety of games so can do a different one each time. Good for tempo and steady beat.

Hand Clapping Game "Bim Bum"- cute way to do body percussion. At camp--"All Hands on Deck" theme time. I want to teach fun hand clapping games and activities.

BIM BAM-serbian hand song

this is a good one to start with it helps children and adults to match the clapping with the song.

▶️ Rhythm Lesson - YouTube This is actually a pretty cool way of presenting rhythm and visualizing notes and note names.

Rhythm song -- echo song with hand motions teaches whole, half, quarter and eighth note values and shapes.

Instructions for the Cup Song

learn to do this! the cups song: you're gonna miss me by lulu and the lampshades from pitch perfect. I sing this song to my daughter all the time. It would blow her mind to do the cup part.

Muzieklessen voor het basisonderwijs, online lesmateriaal voor het digibord. | radetzkymars

Lots of different resources in German: Boomwhackers, Composers, Compositions, Songs.

Remember these classics from when you were young?  Kids love them today too!   Awesome videos of old-school hand-clapping games for kids!


Hand Clap Games are a great brain building activity. It helps with pattern recognition, crossing the midline (for some patterns), and bilateral coordination. Below are some videos of hand clap games we have enjoyed.

Creating an 8 beat hand clapping pattern - YouTube >>> Allow kids time to create and rehearse their sequence in groups. Then, present to their classmates. FUN !

AB FORM - Students create an 8 beat hand clapping pattern for A section. Group movement for B section.

MUSIC TEACHER RESOURCES - Sally Go Round the Sun. Keeping a steady beat and introducing harmony though a round.

TEACHING TIPS: This is the folk song "Sally Go Round the Sun" done three ways. The first way is to sing it with students holding hands and walking in a circl.