Ethan Dolan & his sister Cameron Dolan

Wow Cameron looks so mad all the time. But she is a Dolan so you gotta love her :*)

:,,-( very true... I wanna be Grayson's girl

I wanna be Ethan's girl well actually I don't care their both cute

i love this video

this was so dumb 😂 he kept putting on a beanie, sticking his head out the window, and losing the hat

It makes me depressed when I realize that I'll never know either of them personally

Not me. But I have a good personality I just need to quit being so ugly

•closed eyes and your still there•

As Cameron would say "family goals";) (soon to be sister in law☺️)

Dolan twins at the teen choice awards<<<BOI DON"T YOU GET SALTY AND FORGET ABOUT CAMERON<<< o.o

Dolan twins and Cam at the teen choice award 💓💓