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Tearable Puns. This site is awesome.

A list of puns, jokes, and tearable pun posters. We email the best in dry humor and bad puns for free. They're so ripping good you want a Tearable Pun in your pocket!

I'll have to use some of these. They are really funny and actually appropriate:

Short jokes from Playboy

Funny pictures about The Best Short Jokes. Oh, and cool pics about The Best Short Jokes. Also, The Best Short Jokes photos.

Jokes so stupid, they're funny

No. 3 St. Simons, GA

Tickld Mobile - 20 Jokes That Are So Stupid They Are Actually Funny. Number 19 Is Priceless.

This wish: | 29 Things That Will Make You Say “What The ACTUAL F**k?” This child needs to seek help, immediately! WTF? You should never want cancer, that's beyond f*cked up.

29 Things That Will Make You Say "What The ACTUAL Fuck?"

People Who Doubled Down On Stupid