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This series of Facebook handouts can be used to create a mock facebook page for any character(s) from short stories, novels, films etc.  This

Facebook Character Page -- Versatile Activity for any Character

Create a "fakebook" page for a character.my students have done this, but I never could find a good template! They just created it on a piece of posterboard, but this would be great to give them a better idea of the layout.

Cause & Effect. Doesn't link to website...has my wheels turning for reading strategies in science & social studies though.

Cause and effect foldables! These are a genius idea, especially because I know some students have a really hard time understanding why/how events took place in history --Kacie Kransberger

Student Info Beginning of Year Facebook Printable image 3....possible informative writing assignment with a partner..

Japanese Internment Camps (A Teacher's Diary)

LOVE--Use this at the beginning of the year to get to know your students. Way more fun than a regular worksheet with a list of questions. Need to make my own version of this. OLDER KIDS WILL LOVE THIS!

cool idea for follow up to book.. what would the characters say if they were texting back and forth?

Cool idea for a writing activity. Template of iPhone conversations as a template for a dialogue. I think this is a good idea for teens."what would your conversations be like with God"

Facebook Getting to Know You Activity... Looks fun - could also use this for biographies in social studies!

Facebook Getting to Know You Activity

I would use this as a fun alternative to writing a report about a historical figure. Not only does it include basic information about the person, but it can include interactions between important figures as well.

This brochure activity can serve as a great mini-research activity for kids to do as part of a unit on any important historical figure, or as an enrichment activity.   Famous Women, Black History Month, Author Studies, etc. are just the beginning of other potential uses for this brochure.  Brochure template, an example of student work, and instructions for the teacher are included.

Historical Figure Research Brochure - Informational Writing and Social Studies