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City Lights Globe - Holy crap this is awesome!

City Lights globes automatically turn and illuminate the cities of our world using a special patented induction system. Simply place your City Lights Globe on its elegant base and it will begin to magically revolve, displaying Earths unique light show.

27 Cool Gadgets And Unique Inventions - Gallery

27 Cool Gadgets And Unique Inventions

"This rotating globe illuminates to show how the world's cities look at night from space. True to the view from orbit, the globe glistens with a soft white glow in major metropolitan areas.

the Venus Globe

Venus Globe is a scale model of Venus based on radar data from the Megellan orbiter. This globe contains all the major landforms and is color coded for elevation. Produced in collaboration with NASA and the U.

Levitating 8" Blue Ocean World Globe (Free Shipping)

The Stellanova Blue Ocean Levitating World Globe is both educational and artistic. Computer technology and superior magnetics levitate the beautiful sphere between two parts of the dark metal base and matching dual meridian.

Neptune - MOVA Solar Powered Globe (Free Shipping) MOVA world globe uses solar power, as well as the force of planet earth’s magnetic field to perpetually revolve on virtually any* surface.  The globe rotates in continuous motion as if by magic on an elegant clear acrylic stand. No batteries or wires are required. This unique MOVA world globe makes for a truly stylish and exceptional corporate gift or award.

Part of the Mova Planet Collection the Mova Neptune Revolving Globe is a true work of art, smoothly and effortlessly revolving with only the power of ambient light. The wonders of Venus are displayed on a crystal clear acrylic base for a complete look.

total height 9"

Replogle Apollo 9-inch Political Globe

This Globe Shows Earth During The Day and Constellations At Night

The Celestial Globe lights up with the constellations - super cool!

This Moon globe is a 4-inch compact multi-directional mini globe by Stellanova with approximately 200 geographical names. #desktopglobes #floorglobes #worldglobes #education #geography #teaching #vintage #antiqueglobes #moonglobes

Moon Swivel and Tilt 4-inch Globe

This Moon Swivel and Tilt Globe is a compact multi-directional mini globe by Stellanova with approximately 200 geographical names. Compare, Shop and Save at Ultimate Globes.