Harry Potter Mystery Has Finally Been Solved... Lol no, he just wanted to look more like a "Slytherin" snake ;;))

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Puberty isn't fun for everyone. Here are some of the most awkward puberty problems.


Hit it Gandalf! Harry Potter 'Thou shall not pass'. Actually, in the Lord of the rings book he says you can not pass.

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Dobby kitty: Harry Potter musn't return to Hogwarts! And just like Dobby, it's cute and ugly all at once.

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When i see one of castlewarsisawsome's posts...

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Bravo, 10 Points To Gryffindor

LEGO Quidditch aquarium for fish. this is brilliant! Makes me want to get a bigger tank for Swish. and another fish (or or

I probably shouldn't have laughed as hard as i did . . . but Harry's face is perfect!

Why do I also find the fact that Voldemort not having a nose funny? I love Voldemort nose jokes!

Hairy Potter. Ha!

Harry Potter for your cat . The promo for the website is actually funnier than the Hairy Potter joke.<did anyone else think Harry Purrter or was that just me?