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Madonna madonna

Featured Style and Beauty Icon, Madonna. The woman with so may looks and personal style, Madonna, has truly been an big influence in fashion.

Give to students at end of year. Change penny from "never be broke" to "always have some luck" and this would be a great before state tests

knapsack of hope. Great gift idea for a going away gift. Just like our grade school graduation gifts

wipe your mouth...

Wipe ur mouth, there is still a tiny bit of bullshit around ur lips.

babygoatsandfriends:smiling-grouch:Baby goat to cheer you up!  Sassy goat attitude!

babygoatsandfriends: smiling-grouch: Baby goat to cheer you up! In YOUR face, bad day!

"I'm trying to be a more positive person..."

Tried to watch Faux News again.just to be "informed" about the latest batshit crazies and the latest conspiracy theories. I'm trying to be a more positive person every day. Today, I'm positive everyone is an asshole.

Dumbass Best Friends Quotes With Pictures (16)

40 Dumbass Best Friends Quotes With Pictures

Literally though like I got a notification saying my best friend texted me saying "please can you cheer me up?" and I literally dropped all my homework, grabbed my phone and texted her, "WHO DO I HAVE TO KILL?