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Dutch army demo

here is another picture of a Royal Netherlands Army Mercedes-Benz CDI.

In the strip, it didn't lead to cars or carts, but was typically used by running a small log through the middle of it and sailing along on just a single wheel. Description from kleefeldoncomics.com. I searched for this on bing.com/images

Johnny Hart Was Centuries Ahead Of His Time

Trench Warfare- fighting from ditches protected by barbed wire. The living conditions were horrific. Trench foot, decaying bodies etc. Also their was no set winner.

This shows what trench warfare was like during WWI. trench warfare- a type of combat in which opposing troops fight from trenches facing each other

Trench warfare WW1

Very basic set-up of a trench. As the war continued into its second and third years the trenches became much more advanced with sleeping and officer quarters.