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Loving memories keep those we miss alive in our hearts - Grief and loss quot

Please continue to watch over us. I love and miss you so much. Blessed to have you in the skies trying to help the stars aline for us.

29 Beautiful Tumblr Quotes #Inspiring quotes #Tumblr Quotes

29 Beautiful Tumblr Quotes

Yes You weren’t just a star to me, you were my whole damn sky.And you are my whole sky!

Early Infant Loss - Remembrance Pencil Portraits

✋👋 I want my sweet child live in earth not in heaven, i want my baby sleep in my arms not in God hands, i want my son live in earth not in heaven!

I am learning, difficult as it may be

You left me heartbroken, You left me wanting you, You left me with very little hope, You left, and forgot to tell my heart how to go on without you . You just left & never looked back as if though I had never existed .