Jordan and daisy at the fays christmas party in chapter 5 of the freind how ever the differnice would be jordan would be wearing a white verson of the dress on the left

Look Festive in 20’s Flapper Fashion

The Roaring was a time of speakeasies, Burlesque Flapper girls And The Charleston Great Gatsby Style Mais

Within top 5 choice for my dress: Zelda Flapper Dress Navy

I just finished reading The Great Gatsby and now I'm hung up on flapper dresses and the roaring twenties.

Great Gatsby fashion, 20s attire    (Brunette) Dress: Sue Wong Shoes: Oscar de la Renta Bag: Kate Spade Bracelet: J.Crew Hair Band:  Anthropologie     (Blonde) Dress: Pisarro Nights  Shoes: J.Crew Hair Band: Forever 21

Great Gatsby fashion, attire (Brunette) Dress: Sue Wong Shoes: Oscar de la Renta Bag: Kate Spade Bracelet: J.Crew Hair Band: Anthropologie (Blonde) Dress: Pisarro Nights Shoes: J.Crew Hair Band: Forever 21 love love love these