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19 Creepy Facts About Parasites...The vampire fish...can swim up a urine stream into the human victims penis, which it shoots out its sharp spine & lodges itself in. Once inside the body, the vampire fish feeds on a human's blood. Only a very invasive & painful surgery can remove it.

Candiru - Vandellia cirrhosa, or just vampire fish, is a species of parasitic…

Penis Snake...I'm like so scared no I'm not even shitting ya... Ok, I looked this thing up and it is REAL folks. It is also subterranean and has no eyes. Kinda appropriate, right?

“The penis snake is a strange caecilian from Brazil. It lacks lungs & gas exchange occurs through the skin.

Meet the python of the deep sea. This is the Black Swallower (Chiasmodon niger), a fish that really bites off more than it can chew! Only reaching lengths of a mere 10 inches, size isn't the intimidating factor associated with this creature, it's its appetite. Black Swallowers get their name from swallowing their prey, which consist of bony fish, whole. Now here's where things get really weird - its food can be over twice the swallower's size and TEN TIMES its mass!

Now that is one determined fish! This is the aptly-named 'black swallower' (Chiasmodon niger), a fish known for eating bony fish up to its mass and its length.

Gujarat researchers find traces of gold in urine of Gir cows                                       ...a litre of Gir cow urine contains three milligrams to 10 milligrams of gold.  Read more:     http://indianexpress.com/article/cities/ahmedabad/gold-cow-urine-junagadh-agricultural-university-test-result-2882431/

Indian-Americans saving cows from slaughter to promote peace

Vampire Moths

Life Sucks: 10 Amazing Animal Vampires

9 Horrifying Creatures That Are Real Life Vampires

Eslovenia anuncia el nacimiento de su primer "dragón"

POSTOJNA (Slovenia) - The strange, slithery creatures inside Slovenia’s Postojna cave were once considered living proof that dragons existed, promptin.

Bathysaurus sounds like a dinosaur and it looks like one too – and not one of the nice, gentle plant-eaters, either. The cutie above, Bathysaurus Ferox to be exact, is described as “the world’s deepest-living superpredator”: anything and everything it meets, it eats. Once Bathysaurus latches on to lunch it’s game over: the fiendish fish’s jaws and even its tongue are studded with razor-sharp fangs.

7 Wet, Wild & Weird Deep Sea Animal Wonders

Bathysaurus this deep sea creature eats anything it can clasp onto with its teeth. even the tongue has teeth.

fish with many mouths - Google Search

fish with many mouths - Google Search