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P38 Lightning. Capable of 450 m.p.h. When the Japanese saw these coming' they skee-dad-deled! Gotta go now !!!

lighting the axis called it the fork tail devil. The best looking plane of WW ll. Who took this pic at this angle, dare devil.

B-1's flying over Devil's Tower, Wyoming

B-1's flying over Devil's Tower, Wyoming

f-20a-05.jpg (600×387)

f-20a-05.jpg (600×387)

Boeing-Sikorsky RAH-66 Comanche

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The McDonnell F-101 Voodoo was a supersonic jet fighter which served the United States Air Force and the Royal Canadian Air Force. Wikipedia Wingspan: 40' (12 m) Length: 67' (21 m) First flight: September 29, 1954 Introduced: May 1957 Retired: 1966 Engine type: Pratt & Whitney J57 Manufacturer: McDonnell Aircraft

The McDonnell Voodoo was a supersonic jet fighter which served the United…

Northrop F-20 Tigershark

Picture of Northrop Tigershark Jet Fighter Plane and information

♂ The jet caused a stir in a small town in Kansas last month when locals mistook a shrink-wrapped X-47B being trucked from California to Maryland for a UFO!

This stealthy unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) is the size of a fighter jet, and will be taking off and landing from the deck of an aircraft carrier. This is an unusual overhead view of the scary looking plane, which was mistaken for a UFO at least once.