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The brown goddess!  I would love to have a pin or brooch like this.

The Spiral Goddess. The spiral is one of the oldest and most widely acknowledged of the sacred symbols, representing the life force, the path in which energy moves and the creative power in each of us. Spiral Goddess Watercolor by thekreations.

so perfect - green, purple, goddess, spiral, earth

An Inner Journey: The Moon, Mythology, and You: Gabija , the Lithuanian Goddess of Fire

Hopi Hand. The symbol "Hopi hand" stands for creativity and healing.

The symbol "Hopi hand" stands for creativity and healing. I want to get this tattooed on me but I want the hand to be my daughters handprint.

"Alignment" - Artista: Eva Ruiz

Luscious Rainbow Healing with chakra meditation from Energy Medicine Woman. Meditate on your chakras healing, vibrating with vibrant colors to activate your rainbow body and dance your song of Life.

Triple Goddess - Maiden, Mother, Crone

Triple Goddesses - Maiden, Mother Crone (all are within us)

Rose Garden Spiral Goddess by mslionking.deviantart.com on @deviantART

Colored Pencils on Textured Paper Rose Garden Spiral Goddess

"Buddhas appear in the world in order to provoke inspiration in sentient beings, and manifest nirvana in order to provoke longing in sentient beings: in reality the buddhas have no appearance in the world and no nirvana either. Why? Buddha always abides in the pure realm of reality manifesting nirvana according to the minds of sentient beings." Avatamsaka Sutra

LOVE THE COLOR, subject matter doesnt really do it for me though Green Tara Goddess/Bodhisattva