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Funny Burger King commercial - very funny ads, Ronald McDonald visits Burger King

This could be a representation of comparative advertising for Burger King. By placing Ronald McDonald in Burger King, BK would be saying they are the better burger.

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favorite ad of all time. and to think this company almost went extinct, if it wasnt for the reinvented print ads with the "absolut" taglines and headlines

48 Funny Print Ads that'll Keep You Laughing...and Buying

This Duck hunting Rowenta ad is from Publicis in Frankfurt, Germany. The slogan is Silence Force, 2100 Watt Vacuum Cleaner.

Environmental stewardship | What goes in the ocean, goes in you.

What Goes In The Ocean Goes In You

I really like how the Surfrider Foundation have represented the effects of plastics in the ocean. Showing the plastic in sushi which is sea food to represent the ocean I think is a clever and very creative way to grab people's attention.

nice Louco, não. Publicitário

The Outdoor Advert titled BURNING HOT was done by Inter Publicity advertising agency for product: Capsico Sauce (brand: Dabur) in India.

las fotos mas alucinantes

These are the 80 best guerilla marketing examples / ideas I have ever seen. If you are looking for Gorilla, Guerilla, Guerrilla Marketing Examples, you found it

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A great way to get people to reach for your product, design stickers that go with the door handles. That’s what Tyskie Beer did. When you reach to open the door, Tyskie makes it looks like you are actually reaching for a refreshing Tyskie beer.

levis always has the best ads, print or commercial

the first Levi's 501 jeans for women was created back in print ad for Levi's 501 jeans by Bartle Bogle Hegarty, Now they're all made of flimsy so-called denim, or worse, lycra 'jeggings' :-(

Agency: BBDO Berlin Shopping bag designed for Blush lingerie store in Berlin, Germany.

30 Creative Bag Advertisements

Have you ever seen a cool bag advertisement in your real life? I mean those viral bagvertising examples which are now all over the Internet.

Attention Getting Compilation

Some funny ads - Wall to Watch Love the architectural interest added by the geometric design of Mini Cooper ad amazing ads Advertising fu.


Advertising alcohol, 17 examples for your inspiration

Binboa Vodka: Into the night of people repeat themselves, repeat themselves, repeat themselves Rafineri ad-dict

222 Awesome Advertising Ideas From Around the World Guerilla Marketing Photo

222 Awesome Advertising Ideas From Around the World

I really do like these clever truck ads. Like the truck looking like a enormous Mars bar. What better way than to see something as eye catching when you are on the road.

This McDonalds ad uses the principle of closure to be effective. By having a glass/mirror right next to it, the left side of the M gets filled in by our brains and assumptions.

unbelievable - At night, the back-lit poster was reflected in the adjacent glass pane. This revealed the complete McDonald’s ‘M’ logo and the message “open all night” could be viewed the right way round. Bus shelter Campaign by DDB Sidney