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Jacek Yerka

©Jacek Yerka Jacek Yerka is a Polish surrealist painter from Toruń . He mixes his memories from his amazing childhood and creates some.

Size Matters Series by Franck Allais

Size Matters Series

Franck Allais is a french photographer based in London. His series “Size matters” takes a new look at quite usual scenes and swaps the sizes of people or elements in the picture.


"Polish artist Jacek Yerka creates amazing surrealistic paintings called that have a peculiar catch – by rotating each image, they reveal new places and landscapes that melt into each other.

Famous Girl Among Foxgloves and Gorgeous Flowers—Jessie Wilcox Smith (by finsbry)

Jessie Willcox Smith - Illustration to A Child’s Garden of Verses by Robert Louis Stevenson, 1905