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Tiny by Peewed on DeviantArt Awe I love the relationship between the player/Frisk and Sans (❁´◡`❁)

Sans and Frisk (Undertale) Tiny by Peewed on DeviantArt

San x Frisk by tctctipfy on DeviantArt

Yeah I put almot more work into this one took me like 3 hours I wanted to make it look pretty and stuff,this is like the first undertale comic thing I made in my drawing book it's not that good but.

" Don't cry, someone really cares about you. " Hiya peeps    I've figured to do a tiny little comic centering about happiness ^^ Sometimes we can lose our ways in life, but never ever for...

I couldn't think of a good title lol Anyway. I was definitely carried away with the background of this *coff coff* the board *coff coff* This is based of my friend's actual school crush (she's Sa.

What fangirls see: say aaah *blushes* What Frisk after RESTARTING is seeing: SAY AAAHHH *crushes Pocky box*

ummm you ok there buddy.oh whatever (opens mouth and bites half) NOM NOM NOM!

[Undertale] Kiss by wolfifi on DeviantArt

So someone had to go and ruin a perfectly normal monster-girl on monster-girl makeout sesh. Aint havin none of that, are we? This was supposed to be a short thing and it ended up being a long thing.

Holiday Greetings from Sans by ttoba on DeviantArt

Holiday Greetings from Sans by ttoba on DeviantArt<<you can't help but feel disappointed.

Navigating Underfell during Valentine's Day by WarandCats on DeviantArt

Apologizing does not always mean that you are wrong and the other person is right. It just means that you value your relationship more than your ego. I'm in the mood for some UT feels, anyone got a.