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Happy  Evening

More Drops with Flowers by Nevena Uzurov

Imágenes Maravillosas de Gotas de Rocío

Imágenes Maravillosas de Gotas de Rocío

Dew drop holding the whole world. Don't know who took this photo since the link no longer works, but wow!

Happy your day

Happy your day

Wonderful macro shot of water droplets on a mantis by Ondrej Pakan. You can buy this print at 500px.com!

This picture of an insect covered in dew moments after a downpour is part of Ondrej Pakan’s series of big-eye views from around the world. I hate bugs but this is a pretty cool picture.

French photographer David Chambon, who specializes in wildlife photography, took these gorgeous macro photos of insects covered with morning dew, which we spotted over at Faith is Torment. Chambon’s photos turn the bugs into glistening, crystalline confections, their vibrant colors shining through the water like glimmering gems. More than anything else, they make us want to go tromping out in the woods on an early spring morning.

Beautiful Macro Photos of Morning Dew on Insects

Amateur French photographer David Chambon shot some remarkable macro shots of insects covered in water droplets in a series called Morning Dew.