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Lanzones fruit tree (Chan's backyard) Davao, PH        I have climbed numerous in my lifetime.  Call me shallow, but i REALLY WANT to climb this tree!
Start your orchard off on the right foot! Learn how to plant fruit trees so your backyard or homestead orchard will thrive! | Homestead Honey:
JP: Lanzones (Duku Langsat) - a jungle produce with thick skin and sweet sourish flesh
Fruit fresh from the persimmon tree. Photo by Sonia Di Benedetto, article for think-tasmania.com
Mamey sapote or  Zapote Fruit Tree
Durio testudinarum or durian kura-kura grows from stem of the tree.It is a rare durian species from the jungles of Borneo.
Rambutan....I call 'em mamones japones but apparently they are called rambutan and they come from tropical places! Sweet leathery skin and spiky!
They are called bacobas, in St. Croix, small bananas but very sweet....love them and you could eat more than one at a time.  LOL!
Ever wonder why you don't see cashews in shells? they grow on Cashew Apples! In tropical regions, cashew trees produce a fruit called the 'cashew apple', the 'nut', the seed rather grows from the bottom of the fruit.
Suha or Philippine Pomelo - very sweet, pink inside and juicy variety from Davao farm, Southern PH.