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Pearl wallpaper

three-legged-cow: “ My heart isnt big enough for all these Pearls (+desktop cause I’m a mess) ”

I enjoy this in a non Lapidot way, you cant understand how it feels, but this is really cute.

Me: *Turns Lapis around so she would face Peridot* *Pushes their heads together* "KISS!

Lapis lazuli Steven universe Galaxy wallpaper                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Lapis is one of my friends favorites but I've always liked led Peridot since she joined.


*(last pinner)* Maybe amethyst is another reason rose wanted a baby

Steven Universe Meets Avatar

Steven Universe Meets Avatar

Steven Universe meets Avatar I feel like iroh should be with rose but this is still all amazing

L E G O by saintwizard

Steven, Connie and Sour Cream playing with Legos

Am I the only one who ships them? Pearl x Rose txt it

Extreme Thirst: the Musical

Am I the only one who ships them? Pearl x Rose txt it

What do you want!!!

Rebecca Sugar should work with Steven Moffat, maybe then Johnlock will be cannon.



steven universe jasper/peridot Dorito gem for the win

I wonder why they don't change their outfits more often, I would think at least one of the gems would find that enjoyable to be able to wear whatever they want

I love how everyone is cool and hip and then Pearl is all formal in a long dress 😂😂