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beetroots: “ ofthemoons: “ Cognitive Restructuring for Anxiety ” oh wow ”

CBT Worksheet from redefiningbodyimage: This looks like a really wonderful worksheet/exercise to perform for those struggling with breaking down anxious or depressive thoughts.

FREE!!!  5 Anger Distortions Worksheet

Anger Management Worksheet

CBT Anger Management Worksheet for - grade students! Going to try it with my high school kids!

Five Areas of Therapeutic Self-Care To Heal From Anxiety And Depression happy life happiness positive emotions anxiety mental health depression confidence self improvement self care self help emotional health

Bad Beginning of a (Nice) Adventure – about Physical Education in Polish schools several years ago (and hopefully not now)

Physical, spiritual, lifestyle, mental/emotional and people support - the goal of self-care is to feel vital and balanced [free from depression and anxiety]

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Signs of Boundaries: Unhealthy vs Healthy. A very important pair of lists to keep in mind as we live our lives and as we grow. Too often we accept those who have boundaries or indulge in breaking ourselves.

Squashing Your ANTs (Automatic Negative Thoughts). Worksheet for understanding triggers of negative thoughts, emotions & behaviors.

squashing your ANTs (automatic negative thoughts) -- understanding triggers of negative thoughts, emotions, & behaviors

CBT Worksheets! Automatic Thoughts Preview. Good for negative self talk and filtering. #corebeliefs #selftalk #parenting

Automatic Thoughts Teach clients to recognize and challenge their automatic thoughts with this CBT worksheet. Automatic thoughts are what they sound like: Thoughts that a person has automatically in.