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Touch Screen Business Card

Your business card can open doors and opportunities for you, but at the same time, it could have the opposite effect, which is bad news for you! However, to make an impact you might want to take a …

Digital in Retail: The #Consumer's Journey #retail #journey #ux #cx

Welcome to Digital Era ! Retailer should be adaptive to use digital technologies in their business # Omnichannel Retail Indonesia # Omnichannel Marketing

Benut de vakantie om de online marketing angst te overwinnen - http://thecontentguys.wordpress.com/2013/07/17/benut-de-vakantie-om-de-online-marketing-angst-te-overwinnen/ #contentmarketing

Another step towards a healthy virtual life. The MyChelle Pocket Esthetician is a new app that offers specialized face-to-face medical consultations without ever stepping into a doctor's office. Will virtual shopping start to feel less impersonal?

New way to accept credit cards  did this at our craft show      easy peasy

New way to accept credit cards did this at our craft show easy peasy


They have a wide range of new age devices like the touch screen floor projections, multi-touch coffee tables, interactive bar services, and many other products that are based on touch screen technology “Verizon Contest Entry”

Samsung's transparent touch screens (video)

Video: Samsung’s Transparent Display: Touch-Controlled, Eco-Friendly

Samsung's transparent touch screens (video)

This seems like an insanely cool idea if you have tons of music/movies.

Control Your Media From Afar with a DIY, Built-In Coffee Table Touch Screen

In an effort to get some serious control over his home theater PC, DIYer Jarolix skipped the remote and went straight for a fully-featured desktop computer built into the coffee table.