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This is a Bumblebee Ball Python morph that the owner says that after several sheds, lost all its color. Everyone hopes it's genetic.

A dramatic color change from what was thought to be bumble bee to now what they are trying to prove could be axanthic bee the reptile report

piebald ball python - Google Search

piebald ball python - such pretty coloring. i would be scared of it though :P

No idea what morph this is... but it really looks cool.

Wow I agree~~~No idea what morph this is.


green purple & black snake I don't like snakes but I do have a respect for them and an awe of their colors and patterns. This is crazy!<<so cool!

Inferno GHI Ball Python - I LOVE the GHI gene! The color and pattern t can produce when paired with other morphs is limitless!

This snake looks cool, Inferno GHI ball python, so cool!

Ball python being a cutie, it blends in perfectly. I love sneks.

Spider ball python being a cutie, it blends in perfectly. I love snakes.