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Must-see photos of the underground Catholic Church in China: an epic photo documentary by photography Lu-Nan

ersecution against Christians in China is now at a new high. This month news hit that Chinese authorities arrested a Vatican-appointed bishop, and this week the

"Catholics Do NOT Believe ..."

Common misconceptions - Things Catholics Do Not Believe. If somebody tells me that I worship Mary ONE MORE TIME.

Triptychs of Strangers #20/28, The Analog Lover - London - by Adde Adesokan if interested in photography shot

Photo portrait idea: Shoot the details of your subjects and make them into triptychs! 26 Fantastic Triptychs of Strangers Photos by theblackstar


The Immaculate Conception If we had a dime for every Catholic and non-Catholic who gets this wrong, the Catholic Church would have all the money she could ever need to operate all of her parish churches and charities with a lot to spare.

Nick’s Photography Tips: 13 tips for photographing snow

Trying to photograph falling snow can be a little trickier than you might expect. Photographer Nick Kelsh can talk you through how a camera sees snow and help you get started.

Cardinal Justin Rigali, Testimonies for Consecration to Mary. And anyway, what makes us think that we're so good at loving Jesus that we don't need anyone else's help or advice? That's what the Communion of Saints is for, and you know who The Lord crowned as Queen of Heaven? Mary.

If non-Catholic Christians think Catholics honor Mary TOO MUCH, they must define how much is THE RIGHT AMOUNT, and most would have to realize they don't honor her at all, which Jesus would be disappointed at.

Top 10 Photographers Every Student Should Study

light 10 pics to take on baby's first day Top 10 Photography Tips Top 10 Photographers every student should study :: plus several more in th.

The CORE of the Judeo-Christian faith.  (Hebrew is read right to left)

The CORE of the Judeo-Christian faith. (Hebrew is read right to left)ama al Señor tu Dios con todo tu corazón

Poor Souls,Purgatory

Poor Souls,Purgatory