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I absolutely love cashews..a passion passed on to me by my father...he loved nuts...all kinds...and cashews and walnuts were our absolute favorites...wow... never knew that...learn something new everyday

Not a lot of people know that cashew nuts come from these tasty fruit. In El Salvador it's call "MARAÑON" and you eat the fruit or squeeze the juice out to drink than you roast the nut and enjoy the cashew.

The yellow variety of Passion Fruit is good to eat and easily grown in the Naples, Florida garden.  It is a climbing vine and requires a growth up and over to produce fruit.  Set it up on climbing wall and enjoy.

Passion Fruits (edible)The fruit is both eaten and juiced; passion fruit juice is often added to other fruit juices to enhance aroma

Passion fruit also called Granadillas is a tropical fruit that is primarily used for juicing. Apart from its refreshing taste, passion fruit juice contains various health benefits mainly due to its high content of vitamin A and C.

The health benefits of passion fruit juice

Macadamia. I used to get kilos of nuts from my tree then the possums & cockies decided they needed them more than I did..

Are Macadamia Nuts Healthy?

Macadamia Nuts - Macadamia integrifolia / M. My brother has an orchard of these next door at The Treehouse Backpackers.

Israel, The ripe uneatable fruit of a Ficus sycomorus sycamore fig or fig-mulberry, native to the Middle East and eastern Africa. September ...

Israel, The ripe uneatable fruit of a Ficus sycomorus sycamore fig or fig-mulberry, native to the Middle East and eastern Africa.

Fruta Dinossauro. In Sri Lanka, this is called bitter gourd, but makes tasty curries.

Momordica Charantia often called Bitter Melon, Bitter Gourd or Bitter Squash in English Dinossauro Bitter, Exotic Fruit, Bitter Melon, Are Of.

Carambola: La carambole pousse dans des régions tropicales. C’est le fruit du carambolier. La carambole mûre est de couleur jaune orangé. Le fruit coupé prend la forme d’une étoile. La carambole a un goût acidulé. On l’utilise en cuisine dans des salades de fruits, des jus, des confitures, des sauces…

Carambola (Star fruit) - Asia (Filipinas , Indonésia , Malásia , Índia , Bangladesh e Sri Lanka)

A castanha do Pará é rica em selênio, que auxilia o corpo no aumento da produção de Glutationa. A substância é mais conhecida como o antioxidante presente em todas as células do corpo, tendo assim um papel importante na luta contra os radicais livres, impedindo assim o dano celular. Outros alimentos ricos na substância são as nozes.

5 Foods That Can Make You More Attractive

Snacks don't have to be complicated. Today, the kids and I enjoyed brazil nuts. Brazil nuts are packed with protein and selenium, which is good for the brain.