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Lovely cob mass fireplace by Lehm und Feuer. Makes me think of a hobbit house :)

Fireplace in the center of the home - Scandinavian tradition

what i love here, is the wood pit next to the fireplace. i have an old bookshelf directly next to my fireplace that i would love to relocate to the living room. this is a great idea to replace the bookshelf.

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Cob house on Lasqueti Island (photo by Chelsey Braham). and good article explaining the essential steps of cob building

Cabin Fireplace Design, Pictures, Remodel, Decor and Ideas

Cabin Fireplace Design- Great remodeling idea for the lower level fireplace nook/ seating area. And I think I may know someone who can make concrete blenches to match the stone fireplace! - home me

This is a masonry heater. The firebox and air chambers are constructed to promote a super hot-burning fire. The result is twofold: One fire a day will warm a 1000 SF conventional home, or up to 2000 SF of a super insulated strawbale home.

I really like how the design of this heater integrates with the surrounding room very well. I don't like how many masonry heaters have no flow with the surrounding room.

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Interior space of a cob house~ Designed by Fresh Peek House. Cob is an ancient building technique that uses clay, sand, and straw mixed with water to create an adobe-like material.

Fantastic! Sculpturistic styling in a cob home.  This would be great in a porch  or entrance area.

Sculpturistic styling in a cob home. This would be great in a porch or entrance area. Front porch for a container home

A simpler masonry fireplace/bench combo, for southwest corner of new addition.

xavier rudd's strawbale home. I love that the rocket mass benches are placed under a window. I would be far more likely to snuggle in, so I could watch the world go by.