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Variety of books for 11 year olds. These look like good books and lots of different kinds of choices.

A diverse collections of books for 11 year olds. This book list contains a variety of titles that will appeal to different kinds of kids and interests.

25 Chapter Books for Summer Reading (8 to 12 Year Olds)

25 Chapter Books for Summer Reading (8 to 12 Year Olds

A list of books for kids who like The Chronicle of Narnia series.

Magical Books for Kids Who Like The Chronicles of Narnia

This list shows that once a child finds a book that they like, they can further their reading by scouring out similar books and slowly exploring different genres. Fantasy spans many, many different types of stories, giving children a plethora of options.

14 president books for kids that are actually interesting.

14 President Books For Kids (That Won't Put You to Sleep)

President books for kids that won't turn your kids off American history.Over a dozen funny, entertaining and inspiring stories and biographies for children.

Discover a better way to read. Head to bookofthemonth.com to learn more and start reading for $10 per book.

Book of the Month is the best way to discover and read the best new books each month.

Have you ever struggled to find book titles that really captivate your child? I know I have - particularly for my son. Here are six tips to help your child develop a love of reading, as well a comprehensive list of the best chapter books and series that are sure to help light that fire.

Best Chapter Books and Series for Boys, Ages 7-12

Awesome adventure books for 9-12 year olds from @katepickle

Awesome Adventure Books for 9-12 Year Olds

Eight awesome adventure books for year olds - as recommended by my book mad kid!

Good books for 7th grade. Nice, diverse choices with lots of variety.

Diverse 7th Grade Summer Reading List

A list of books for kids who like the Little House series. These all look interesting and includes a good variety.

Books for Kids Who Like Little House on the Prairie

Chapter books for 9 year old boys and girls (3rd graders)

Engaging books for 9 year olds, chosen by a 9 year old

Nine chapter books for 9 year olds reading at a third grade level. These are middle grade fiction books that kids - both boys and girls - will love to read.