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App: Sonic Dash. Creadores: Sega

Sonic Dash Android game Description: All players' favorite Sonic Dash is here aging with ever new endless-running game mainly designed for Android


Sonic the Hedgehog (Sega Mega Drive) This game came out of nowhere for me, the music, the color, the speed. This game is originally from Sega, they are a huge gaming company which makes games made for Nintendo usually

I played this game for nearly 11 months before I actually beat it.  When I did, I made my Grandmother take a photo of the final boss with a disposable camera.

That being said...when I have kids and they beat a game and tell me to take a picture of the screen, I'm going to turn the game off and tell them to go to bed.


Sonic the Hedgehog is the "face of Sega" and it is this Hedgehog that made the Sega Master System and the Sega Genesis the video games consoles to own. For the best Sonic video games check out this article.

Sonic the hedgehog

This is my favorite videogame. I love the story, gameplay and soundtrack.

Sonic the Hedgehog Lost World Sega Video Game Poster 23x35

Sonic the Hedgehog Lost World Video Game Poster 22x34

A great poster for gaming fans! Help Sonic the Hedgehog stop the Deadly Six in the hit video game Sonic Lost World! Need Poster Mounts.

game-mario-3d: http://gamemario.info/20-nam-choi-mario-cac-gamer-khong-biet-rang-cong-chua-peach-co-the-tu-cuu-minh.html

game-mario-3d: http://gamemario.info/20-nam-choi-mario-cac-gamer-khong-biet-rang-cong-chua-peach-co-the-tu-cuu-minh.html

Wallpaper Of Sonic The Hedgehog

Alright so here is my newest creation sonic of 2 minds