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We've always had so many memories. I can't stop crying.

I miss you, Mom and Dad. I will never forget you. I know I will be with you again.

:'( Prob my Quote for Tanta

I miss my mom so much---yet my comfort comes from knowing that her absence is only temporary---for in Heaven we all will be reunited with loved ones for eternity. Mom know that I love you ad keep your memories alive daily.


My heart would explode if I had to keep it all inside . it would feel too much like you're not near me, and that's not acceptable.Mama loves you Angel ♥♥♥

Always missed... forever loved

forever loved Think of you everyday Grandma but today was a little sader remembering. Miss & love you always.

Speak their name

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Perfect description of how I feel

A beautiful poem, God omitted, about the loss of a loved one. Reminds me so much of my Daughter Louise.