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A helicopter fighting a wild fire outside of Azusa, California.

3 Arrested for Starting Raging Wildfire in Southern California

Ever lose track of the simply staggering variety of vehicles in the U.S. military? Ever find yourself going “Wait... what was that bitchin’ six-wheeled heavy armored ambulance again?” Worry no more, because Pop Chart Lab has come up with the most comprehensive chart of American military vehicles that I’ve ever seen. And now it’s in poster form.

Here's Every Single American Combat Vehicle In One Huge Graphic

Combat Vehicles Of The U. Military - Pop Chart Lab has created this nifty print, presented here as an infographic, of every U. military combat vehicle currently in service. Want a copy for yo

Modern Tank comparison chart plus armored  vehicles and a civilian sport car with the all utility Humvee

This is a post-World War 2 tank scale chart, circa 1950 - Present Day. ^_^ The scale on this chart is compatible to my World War 2 tank size chart, so you can cross reference between the two.

My missile size chart - Air-to-Air Missiles Part Three

My missile size chart - Surface-to-air Missiles (SAMs) Part One. NB: These are medium-sized SAMs in the length range, larger SAMs will have to go . Missile Chart SAMs One

Awesome Helicopter Shirt! | Teespring

Awesome Helicopter Shirt

Bombs Size Chart 2 by WS-Clave on DeviantArt

Bombs Size Chart Three A chart showing the relative sizes of bombs and rockets from to Not a comprehensive list, this is only ones that I have drawn personally.

U.S.A. aircraft ordnance by bagera3005

General-purpose bomb Characteristics General-purpose (GP) bombs use a thick-walled metal casing with explosive filler (typically TNT, Composition B, or Tritonal in NATO or United States service) co.