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Asthma is a chronic health condition that requires lifelong commitment and care.

Asthma Care Guide. Fundamentals of asthma and caring for asthma. This 4-page guide includes: scope of the problem, physical changes and more. Browse and download thousands of educational eBooks, worksheets, teacher presentations, practice tests and more at

Asthma Care

This pin was selected to provide the student with a visual aid and pertinent information pertaining to the Pulmonary System and the Asthmatic Disorder in the Clinical Setting.

The DC Asthma Action Plan second edition is now available in English and Spanish based on the revised National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute's Guidelines for the Diagnosis and Management of Asthma. The guidelines recommend that ALL children and adults with asthma have a written asthma action plan, developed jointly with their healthcare provider.

This is Brady's action plan now! (Just I case I misplace my papers)

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Asthma Symptoms: The REAL Cause of Asthma Your Doctor Isn't Telling You See how to treat the root causes of asthma instead of just dealing with the symptoms. The actual triggers will shock you.

Pathophysiology of asthma. *primary processes

Pathophysiology of asthma.