Free Printable: Picture Mix-Up frog puzzle printable

Make puzzle playtime extra-fun with these cool printable puzzles! Children who like to draw or color can design their own unique puzzles! Print out this Create-Your-Own Puzzle printable and allow y…

TeachKidsArt: Color Mixing with Kindergarten

Use this when teaching color mixing to kinder -- pre-draw six circles in diameter each), then squirt red, yellow and blue on the plate. Students mix colors in empty circles. Great for learning placement of colors on color wheel.


Elements of art: Color Color theory is pretty easy to teach about. There are tons of resources available online for you to use. The basics of color start off with light.

STEM Engingeering Design Process Anchor Chart & A STEM Project Just in Time for Earth Day

Earth Day is April this year! This STEM challenge incorporates recycling just in time for Earth Day! After reading "Just a Dream" by Chris Van Allsburg

How to Draw a Whale Tutorial

How to Draw a Whale Tutorial (Art Projects for Kids)

Art Projects for Kids: How to Draw a Whale Tutorial quick draw + art enrichment

Printable Color Wheel - prints with labeled or unlabeled spaces.  Great clossroom project for learning the primary and secondary colors.  Printout at

Printable Color Wheel - Primary, Secondary Colors (Colours)

Printable Color Wheel - primary and secondary colors (colour) prints with labeled or unlabeled spaces. Great classroom project for learning.

Rainbow Colors | Primary and Secondary Colors Mixing Activity | Visual Arts | Preschool Lesson Plan Printable Activities

Rainbow colors, primary and secondary color mixng lesson plan Printable Activities for visual arts for preschool and kindergarten.