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Final Fantasy XIII-3 - Serah

33 Website Layouts Designed for Video Game Launches - Final Fantasy

Any Final Fantasy is great. A lot of people prefer seven to this one (ten), but I adore ten's story SO much.

A ton of bonding moments with my siblings over finishing this one. High-fives were sent all around when we finally defeated Sin, only to be trolled by frigging Yu Yevon for about thirty minutes. Plus Auron is the most bad-ass character ever.

I always had weight problems, so I started eating healthier and went running long distances every day. After some time the results were unbelievable. Reminds me so much of myself and what I had accomplished <3

Final Fantasy XV / Noctis and Prompto / Promtis /


Heyy~ I am currently at my girlfriends place celebrating her birthday. I hope you have a nice day 💜 - prompto.