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I get lost in deep thought staring at this Amazingly Brilliant Piece of Art!!  <3 By Jacquelin de Leon / 22 year old student studying animation / illustration at LCAD. See her Portfolio at thealcolyte.com

This artwork is stunning, lotus', sunken city, & the animals swimming in the depths. Floating in a boat on your own.

Ray Morimura (b.1948) ;  He is a Japanese artist from Tokyo who works mostly with wood block prints

Gorgeous use of lines and textures to create a captivating landscape: Ray Morimura - Japanese artist from Tokyo works mostly with wood block prints

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[Is this like the big skeleton in the Japanese folklore you've been reading?] Undead Giant concept art by Christian Bravery aka The Brave. Guessing this is what the giant skeletons in icecrown look like.