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Fluval Edge 2 by Oliver Knott by Oliver Knott the aqua creator

Iwagumi layout - Page 3 - Aquascaping - Aquatic Plant Central

KWAS Community Forums

I wonder how I could convert this into a fairy garden/ terrarium?

Christmas Moss - Live Aquarium Aquatic Plant for Fish Tank

Love the cute set up like a little path and the tree.

Riversun | The Forests

Riversun you scape is very creative, well put thoughts and efforts.

50-gallon Planted Riparium. Found on hydrophytesblog.com

Where is the algae?

6 foot x 2 foot x 30" fish tank | ... Aquarium - Member's Aquarium and Fish Pictures - Tropical Fish Forums

Decor: Rocks, grass and small plants, black background, and black gravel.

Subscape Aquarium - Richmond Victoria

Planted Fluval Edge tank, 23 and 46 Liters

aquarium black rock | F L M S

Awesome Aquariums Featured Natural Rock And Green Plant Decoration Ideas With Tropical Fish Modern Aquarium Tank Design With Beautiful Ornament Fish Tank Decoration Ideas

USB Desktop Aquarium ~ would be great to rest your eyes away from the computer at work office or home office

(Too small, but interesting) USB Desktop Aquarium- I have ALWAYS wanted a small fish tank for my desk at work