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Touken Ranbu

Anime picture with touken ranbu nitroplus ookurikara yamagami sayaka single tall image looking at viewer brown hair white yellow eyes lips tattoo dark skin crossed arms fantasy twisty sleeves hand on face male gloves weapon

Light Yagami | Kira and Ryuk   _Death Note

Ugh Kira you may be a mass murderer but why do you have to be sexy all the time *nosebleed intensifies* ugghhhh Death Note Light Yagami

刀剣乱舞 touken ranbu | TouRanbu | Shokudaikiri Mitsutada | Ookurikara | Heshikiri Hasebe | half naked | tattoo

im not sure what to do with this. maybe like each character has some sort of branding or scarring. maybe to do with their nickname or powers