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There are 5 tips to buy these jewels: necklace crystal quartz crystal pendant pendant moon crescent moon necklace shark tooth necklace.

Purple Amethyst Crystal Necklace...beautiful and my birthstone.

Trend: Raw Crystal / Gem stone jewelry This is not for everyone. If your gems need to be "perfect", then pass this by. Link has some good pics of rough gemstone jewelry. I happen to love the stuff and hope it truly is a trend.

+++ The price shown is for ONE raw gemstone necklace. +++  A single, rough nugget of either sunny, yellow Citrine or plummy, purple Amethyst is the perfect, light-filled raw stone in this gorgeous necklace. Rough-hewn, raw, and often nearly white at the top, culminating in a rich point of color at the bottom, the crystal nugget slides freely on a 14k gold filled chain for effortless glamour and everyday ease. I drill each citrine and amethyst by hand and use no wire to wrap or bind it: the…

Raw Gemstone Necklace Raw Stone Raw Citrine by ShopClementine long with amethyst or citrine stone :)

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