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Native American Shape-Shifter Stories: Deer Lady

The deer woman of native american legend. Shapeshifter who lures men to their death.

We are all born with the capacity to dream and to have vision. This is what makes us humans, the animals who can have vision and seek to fulfill it on the earth plane. This is what makes us reflections of the force that created us all. -- The Medicine Wheel Earth Astrology by Sun Bear and Wabun (Image: Delmary Dennis)

Native American Shape-Shifter Stories: Deer Woman and the Living Myth of the Dreamtime Art by Delmary Dennis

These are Fairies from the beliefs of the Seneca and Iroquois Native Americans people. The Deohoko are little women usually seen in groups of three. The Deohoko are guardian spirits of corn, beans and squash. The spirit maidens wear dresses made of the leaves of the plants that they protect. - thash.

The Jogah: Little People of the Iroquois - Illustration from "Stories the Iroquois Tell Their Children" by Mabel Powers - Stories about "little people" are quite often found in many collections of Iroquois folk tales.

The Silver Soul. A horned entity with un identified abilities. The only two human beings sighted around this creature have never been seen or identified by anyone before. The creature is thought to be a portal between reality and the spirit world, but no powers have been confirmed.

To the First Nation's People, Deer and All Forked-Horned Animals Symbolized Dangerous Psychic and Spiritual Powers that Had a Double Nature. By Observing This Creature, Humans Learned to Hide When Being Hunted.By Artist Unknown.

Countless Native American tribes recall stories of giant snakes, but one of the most captivating is that of the horned water serpent, an almost impossible-to-kill creature with magical scales that give hunters good luck for the rest of their lives. Legends say that the snake, called Uktena in many stories, boasts a powerful body as broad as a tree trunk, intimidating curved horns, and shining spots. Uktena can only be killed when shot in the seventh scale from its head. According to Cherokee…

The onslaught of scary information and hyper realistic/depressing viewpoints of the planet has made cynics of us all.

john neito art - Google Search

harvestheart: “ Buffalo in the Snow - Native American Artist John Nieto love the vivid colors of the earth and water contrasted on black over the white snow ”

Archeri - A demonic spirit from Native American and eastern mythology, the Archeri takes the form of a little girl and delights in spreading disease to children and the elderly. She is often seen as a frail little girl with pale grey skin who lives in the mountains. When disturbed by human activity she will come down from the mountain and dance into festivals and harvests in order to attract children to her. Children are then infected by the Archeri casting its shadow on them…

Acheri In Native American folklore, an Acheri is the spirit of a little girl that brings death to the elderly or other people with low immune systems. She can also inflict anyone with illness just by.

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Love of the Goddess: Gyhldeptis, Native American Goddess of the Forests - Haida in Canada and Tlingit of USA Alaska