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Saiyans. #DBZ #Dragon Ball Z hahahahaha this guy cracks me up!!

I am such a geek, and I would probably adore whomever made this meme! Saiyans/aliens DBZ on History!

DBZ funny Goku

Element Here! I hope you guys will enjoy this book as much like my first one I did. Just Random Pictures of Dragon Ball Z and Everyone will be there.

Goku vs Superman <<<< I love both these guys, but at least in Man of Steel this is sort of true lol

Heck even when Satan from the Devil is a part-timer got into a fight in the city he used his magic to keep the humans safe and repair the town.THE DEVIL!

Good guy Trunks. . . Unless you consider that he spent two sagas getting strong enough to finish that battle.. #DBZ

Dragon Ball Z Characters Ranked - Dragon Ball Z Characters Ranked

<3 <3   ~Beerus #dbz #dragonballz #goku

Freiza has the most potential if you think of it this way