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The Most Wonderful and Amazing Avatar Merchandise

Warning: Once you see these incredible Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra-inspired hoodies by DeviantArtist Prathik, you will want them. Why are these not real yet?

Ang~ alot of people startd following my anime board so ill try and pin more to it :)

Co-creator Bryan Konietzko drew this amazing picture of Aang in meditation.

Waterbound II - Kataras Necklace by Ganjamira

The Betrothal Necklace: a symbol of the watertribe engraved in the necklace of the brave waterbender Katara, from the series Avatar - The last Airbender handsculpted

#Avatar: The Last Airbender: #Aang / #Nike: Air Jordan logo mashup t-shirt.

The Last Airbender: / Air Jordan logo mashup t-shirt.

Tron prom

Funny pictures about Tron Prom Dress. Oh, and cool pics about Tron Prom Dress. Also, Tron Prom Dress photos.

Star Wars Jedi Order In Blue Pendant set in Black Bezel with Leather Cord PLEASE READ Description

Arwen Evenstar Pendant set in Black with Black Leather Cord Lord of The Rings