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Sleepover party pugs! cutest little faces!!!

“We’re havin’ a slumber party inside-camp out kinda thing! We’re tellin’ ghost stories and having so much fun! Can you make us some s’mores… but instead of chocolate, you use crispy bacon?


What is it with slumber parties? This cute invite used all Stampin' Up papers from the brigh.

Pug wedding dog pink flower crown tutu ❀Flowers in their coats❀ Toni Kami

Did 17 Pugs with Broken Dreams bring you down? Fear not, friends. These pugs shot for the stars and made their dreams a reality.

Funny Animal Pictures Of The Day - 10 Images

Funny Animal Pictures Of The Day - 10 Images

Baby + Pug = Adorable

Pugs seem to have a great time with kids. Pugs are very friendly and it is natural to see Pugs and kids playing together. These pictures just seem to convey love, companionship, attention and [.

What? A-NOTHER layer?

headdownandburn: Reggie got a new hat, scarf and hoodie today

Now this is funny!  I think some of the squirrels that run around on my roof think they are superman!

Give the squirrel a name and make up an interesting story about him/her. If you were writing a story about an animal super hero, what animal would it be and what would be his super power or powers. Tell a story about your animal super hero.