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Autism 1/1000 - 10 years ago

Autism on the rise.we need to support parents and children.

Maybe this could be the shirt I make for him to wear in public....

Think Before You Judge Autism Large Mug

Blue autism puzzle piece with a red heart. Think Before You Judge. I Have Autism. Shirts, buttons and more for the autistic child who is judged or labeled as a brat or spoiled by uneducated observers.

My Child Has Autism Light T-Shirt

My Child Has Autism Light T-Shirt


Haha so true! This is for people I encounter on a daily basis that are very uneducated about autism. The entire reason I advocate!

God created

God created AUTISM to help offset the excessive number of boring people on earth.

Autism Awareness Quotes, Aspergers, Asd, Journey, The Journey

I feel sad when I read this. These are things people have probably said about this person because they do not understand. Mental health professionals need to bring awareness that there is no "fixing" autism.

Sometimes I get so tired of reading about people who want to cure kids with autism. He's different, yes, but he's not diseased. Autistic, not broken.

I think it should be a requirement for anyone who wants to debate autism with an autism parent to babysit for 24 hours prior to a debate. We'll pick it up from there if you still feel frisky.

6 Mistakes Autism Unit Teachers and Paras Make | NoodleNook.Net

6 Mistakes Autism Unit Teachers and Paras Make

6 Mistakes Autism Unit Teachers and Paras Make | NoodleNook.Net

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Autism - Looking into my son's eyes. He just thinks he gets angry sometimes.thats the only self awareness he has about his condition.my darling boy xx

Autism Awareness

And some times a full suit of armor feels necessary, just depends on the day. Fearfully and wonderfully made indeed!