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Nasa Diyos ang awa, nasa tao ang gawa. Don't just pray and do nothing. But pray that the Lord will guide you to do your best.


Better quote by Gordon B. Hickley 5x7

I have to pin all these beautiful wedding dresses for my Harley years old) who says she want a camo redneck wedding dress someday. I have told her there are to pretty of dresses to wear a camo one when she could wear something like this and accent wit


Photo (The Good Vibe)

Good workers should have to feel like the slackers are not being held accountable.. Especially when other departments notice!


Embracing the style that I had in Michigan while incorporating a new Chicago vibe has proven to be a challenge. I want to remain true to myself, but I also want to see who I can become through living here and through my clothes. It's an enjoyable journey.


How true is this think about that don't have feelings all bottled up inside you tell some one about it don't whant to be invisible don't spend every second of every day hating yourself because life is way to sort to be sad so live your life and be happy