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End the Sale of Live Animal Keychains: Ban the sale of keychains that contain live goldfish, salamanders, & turtles in China. Street vendors are selling live animals trapped in keychains in China as souvenirs. These souvenirs are becoming a new fashion trend, & should be banned.

Did you know there is a betta gene called "Marble" that causes them to change color throughout their lifetime? If you ever see a betta with splotches of color..it might be a marble! Keep him in warm water with plenty of room to swim and you will see your fish change colors and thrive!

Maret Oppenheim's "Object (Le Dejeuner en Fourrure) 1936.... makes me think of fairies having tea!

PETITION: Stop The Illegal Killing Of Whales For "Scientific Research" http://www.causes.com/causes/791439-ocean-protectors/actions/1698344?causes_ref=email_id=177997013=activity_mailer%2Fnew_activity_campaign=action_email_medium=email_source=causes# @SeaShepherd #defendconserveprotect

I am offically not drinking soda ! I don't get it why don't we test on willing death row inmates in exchange for not killing them. Thats a a better idea then this. what did this poor turtle do!?

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