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Take a stroll through the quaint village of Castelnau-de-Montmiral in the southern Pyrenees region of France. This completely unique wallpaper mural captures the essence of slow paced living, and gives you an interesting perspective into the city. Relive carefree summer walks exploring new cities with this beautiful wallpaper mural.

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New York City Ballet, warm up, backstage, dancers / Garance Doré

“Real men don't lift weights, they lift women.” ― Every male ballet dancer **New York City Ballet, warm up, backstage, dancers / Garance Doré


Lil ballerinas-so sweet, it was my dream to do ballet but my parents were against it.

Family is a very important part of our life. It gives us support, encouragement, strength whenever we are in need. Family pictures capture the important moments

31 Creative Ways To Display Family Photos That You Never Considered

Dancing Branflakes

Do you love the grace of ballerina chic? Do you incorporate ballerina beauty into your style? Then you'll enjoy this gallery devoted to ballerina style.

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Swan Lake

. . .A pasos delicados, muy suaves   llega primorosa y descalza,   buscando en sus bellas notas   la dulce fragancia grata.

I feel like Angel {maximum ride} would end up being a ballet dancer. She would blow people away and use her wings to be even more graceful. It would be so amazing. Dang, ya'll don't know how much I wish Maximum Ride was a real life thing.