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4 Essential Principles for Follow-up with New Believers

7 Evangelistic Prayers for Your Children

Are You Too Christian for Non-Christians? Many Christians find overtime that they have fewer non-Christian friends and acquaintances. Here are seven simple steps to boost your personal evangelism.

The Unchurched Family in Your Neighborhood: How Will You Reach Them?

I believe people aren’t fascinated by a list of their sins, they’re fascinated by a God who is willing to throw that list away.

Bill Hybels: 5 Ways to Embed Evangelism into Your Culture

12 Ways to Reach Postmoderns With the Gospel

Have you heard about 3 circles - a new evangelistic tool? Even a 12-year old can use this to share the Gospel in a grocery store. Read the story and learn to use it here!

Pastoral Confession: Why I Don't Evangelize.

4 Keys to Evangelism in Honor-Shame Cultures