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Yes, it's dog

Yes, it's dog

Oh, these dogs. Watching cute funny dogs and puppies is so much fun! They make you happy

“Faith cheesing”. (Photo by Dana Lane)

(Photo by Dana Lane)

Dog with paralysis gets around with Wheelchair on skis

Wheelchair with skis provides quality of life for Milton dog

In this March 2014 photo, Shiela Lund walks her border collie Kadee Mae in Janesville, Wis. Kadee Mae had a custom-made cart rigged with skis after a spinal problem that left her rear legs paralyzed. (Photo by Dan Lassiter/AP Photo/The Janesville Gazette)

Commercial dog food is garbage!

Genius Dog Will Answer Any Question For A Treat

“Buster the Grouch”. (Photo by Trish Aleve)